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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survey Report on Computer Science

Propose of the survey
This report presents the results of a survey whose goal was to determine the knowledge people have about computer science. The aim of the survey was to determine whether there was a difference between males and females and their comprehension of computers. The survey also established if this knowledge has a great impact on people’s lives.

The sample was obtained through the use of a web site. People from all around the world could answer the survey. The questionnaire contained nine multiple-choice questions and open question in which the respondents had to describe the power of their computer.

Our results show that 92.9 per cent of the respondents had a computer at home. Their results are only 46.7 percent of students use their computer principally for homework, compared to 60 percent who use it principally to chat and to check their email. The majority of students seem to have a good idea of how to use their computer. The three most popular navigators that the respondents use are: Internet Explorer, Modzilla Firefox and Google.

The results demonstrate that computers were found in almost every home of the respondents. The answers to questions 3 and 9 allowed me to assume that half of the respondents have internet for 5 years and that 46.7 percent of them used their computer about 7 to 9 time per week. However, most of the students use their computer for personal activities and always finish using their computer for homework purposes. Most respondents list the internet as being their top priority when it comes to searching for information.

The survey confirms that computers play an important role in the respondents’ lives. Due to the large participation of females in our survey, we can assume that females have a good knowledge about computer science. However, some variations were difficult to analyse since we had low participation of male’s in the survey. This does not allow us to see if they have a good knowledge about computer science. If the survey were to be redone, we would have to restructure some of the questions because the survey didn’t aim directly at the difference between the knowledge of males and females.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survey about Computer Science

Click here to answer my survey about Computer Science

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hi my name is Jessica, I’m doing my second English course at Édouard-Montpetit in Longeuil. I’m writing to you because Montreal is to me the city everyone most visit ones in their life it they come to Canada. First of all the Sainte-Catherine Street, which traverses almost the entire city from east to west, is the place to go because it have all type of restaurants (Italian to Chinese food), café terrace, international name band boutiques and the most important thing is the nightclubs and bars. La Ronde with have more than 40 rides is Montreal’s number one summer destination for me and for everyone who is coming to visit Montreal.
Now let me tell you about my favourite place in Montreal. The Mount Royal Park , you can relaxes in the nature while being in the city centre. In the winner time you can go do some activities with your family, which include cross-country skiing, tube sliding and skating. And in the summer time you can go biking, picking and other wonderful thing. It is the place no one can pass by when they come to Montreal.